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ReadyShipper Pro 7 USPS Shipping Software

New Guts. New Glory! ReadyShipper USPS shipping software offers you unprecedented control of your pack and ship process with cost savings that improve your bottom line quickly.

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Feature-Rich, Intuitive Multicarrier Shipping Software

Find out why thousands of ecommerce merchants rely on TrueShip shipping software to help them ship more orders in less time. With both shipping and returns solutions available, TrueShip will help your company assure even greater efficiency out of the systems you already have. Easily add “Zappos-Like” product returns to your website or put hours back into your day with shipping software for ecommerce.

TrueShip Software is Available for Your Mac or PC

TrueShip’s ReadyShipper is the premier multi-carrier shipping software for the Mac and PC. Every download includes fast, fully integrated USPS shipping with your choice of FedEx or UPS. ReadyShipper’s Mac-inspired interface makes it easy to import, organize and ship your orders.

Save on Shipping & Shipping Insurance

TrueShip customers save every day on their USPS Priority Mail and shipping insurance. Ever heard of cubic rates for Priority Mail? It’s one more way that TrueShip’s ReadyShipper sets itself apart and helps you save more on shipping. With our Flat Rate Select Calculator, you can instantly see the savings!

The World’s Best USPS Shipping Software!

TrueShip software is built to grow with the needs of your business. TrueShip’s well rounded list of technology partners means seamless support for many popular ecommerce, accounting and order management systems. Our partners include EBay, Volusion, Amazon, Network Solutions, 3dCart, OrderMotion, Shopify, BigCommerce, QuickBooks and many more!

Our Goal

The stated goal at TrueShip is to save you time and money on your daily shipping process. ReadyShipper is designed to provide your business with immediate time savings by consolidating your fulfillment process into one system. In addition, there are many other features designed to automate common tasks and save you money on your shipping costs. We’ve pioneered features like the Ship Type Converter to make it easy to set up basic rules for your default carrier and shipping methods that will apply to imported orders from all your sales channels.

Enterprise-Grade Shipping Labels

We also offer exclusive ReadyLabels shipping labels to all users, adding the enterprise level efficiency of an all-in-one invoice and shipping label. ReadyLabels are an instant way to streamline the pick-and-pack process for your ecommerce business. There’s no need to match up packing lists from one system with shipping labels from another. We’ve created a standard way to add this invaluable feature into your shipping process.

Discounts on Shipping

We are pleased to offer all users special discounts on USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail, including the popular USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope and the Small, Medium and Large Flat Rate Boxes. These generous discounts enable many users to save thousands of dollars on services they are already using every day, and there are no volume requirements to qualify. With TrueShip, you simply sign-up for the discount and start saving right away.


The Original Pioneer of Shipping Software

TrueShip is a leader in automating the return processes for online businesses. Ecommerce customers have come to expect enterprise level returns from the online retailers they use, and recent studies suggest that customers may stop buying from a site that chooses not to have a convenient return policy. TrueShip’s ReadyReturns returns management software instantly adds automated returns to your existing website for fraction of the cost of developing a custom solution.

Returns Management Software

ReadyReturns enables your customers to process and print their own UPS return labels right from your site. This adds an instant customer service boost to your site, while taking some of the burden of managing returns off your sales staff. The customer is happy because they can process and print a return label on their own schedule from their own computer, and your sales staff is happy because they can focus on selling instead of apologizing for an issue with something you already sold. ReadyReturns product returns management software delivers complete visibility to your fulfillment department as well; they instantly know what to expect back in returns and when it will arrive, so they are prepared with new inventory for any pending exchanges.

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Enjoy the most premium, feature-rich and intelligent shipping software for USPS, FedEx and UPS ever created!

Subscribe to ReadyShipper today and enjoy these amazing features:

No Growth Tax
Regardless of your shipping volume, your price will never increase. Whether you’re shipping 10 packages per day or 10,000, the price NEVER goes up.

Flat Rate Select
Offer your customers the lowest shipping prices with Flat Rate Select and Express 1. Feature fast deliver and low-cost shipping to increase sales the smart way.

Express 1 Integration
Get the best rates on USPS shipping with Express 1. Send out packages faster and for less. Increase sales by offering rock-bottom shipping rates.

One Free Module
You get your choice of one free ReadyModule. We feature order management, fulfillment and accounting systems to ease your operations.

Complementary or Endicia Account
Choose from your choice of a FREE Endicia or account. Unlock the shipping savings. You will only have to pay for the postage that you use from these providers.

ReadyCloud Basic
Now you can securely store your shipping data in the cloud. Access it from anywhere and at any time for real-time visibility including reporting and tracking features.

UPS, FedEx and UPS Mail Innovations
ReadyShipper fully integrates with all major shipping carries to provide the most advanced all-in-one shipping software solution.

So what are you waiting for? Get ReadyShipper today!

Complementary Endicia or Account

You will receive your choice of either an Endicia or account with your active subscription to ReadyShipper. It will synchronize our USPS shipping software to the premier providers of discount postage. Offer your customers the best prices on shipping and increase your sales.

Shipping Genie Prevents Errors

With the all-new Shipping Genie feature, you won’t ever have to worry about shipping errors again. Shipping Genie will actively scan all of your pending outbound shipments to detect any found errors in advance. It will flag and highlight any errors, and mandate that you correct them before you send out your shipments.

Live Action Networking

With our all-new Live-Action Networking feature, you are in full control of your USPS shipping software. Now you can connect with your team in real-time. This enables you to work together as a group while assuring that your order and fulfillment, pack and ship processes are working in complete synergy.

All-Pro Shipping Labels

Now you can print all of the shipping labels you need for every outbound shipment at the push of a button. ReadyLabels enables you to print 4×6, 4×4 and all-in-one invoices for unprecedented shipping label ease. These all-pro labels look great and are designed to print from standard thermal, laser and inkjet printers.

Hassle-Free Batch Editing!

Stop the struggle with tedious batch edits. Now you can effortlessly edit batches. ReadyShipper USPS shipping software allows you to edit batches by groups or by orders using our signature Order Inspector. You can even apply the changes to groups with one button. Never fuss over individual batch editing ever again. Our PC/Apple shipping software has been fine-tuned to make batch editing a breeze. Now you can select orders by groups and make changes in Order Inspector and or on the main screen, and apply them to all of your orders at the click of a button. Never worry about the cumbersome affair of making corrections individually again. You can update ship methods, weight, quantity and so much more with just one click!

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