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All fulfillment and shipping departments make errors. As customers, we know this because online retailers and catalog companies occasionally send us the wrong merchandise. As businesspeople, we are fully aware that mistakes happen, because we hear customer complaints. Here at TrueShip, we have developed an order fulfillment software program that will definitely reduce the amount of errors at your company by simplifying fulfillment and shipping.

The vast majority of mistakes made at any company are due to manual errors. Say, for example, an online retail store sells video games. One employee must match packing slips to the appropriate games, and then someone in shipping must create UPS labels for each of those orders.

No matter how careful or dedicated the employees are, it is inevitable that someone will eventually match a packing slip with the wrong game or place a UPS label on the wrong package, sending it to California rather than New York. The more we automate processes, and the fewer manual steps are part of our procedures, the more success we will have in satisfying our customers. TrueShip order fulfillment software reduces the number of manual steps by half, and sometimes more.

TrueShip actually prints UPS labels, packing slips, and gift cards on a single document, eliminating the chance of mismatching these documents. Once this multi-document label has been printed, all that needs to be done is to pull the video game from inventory and apply the label. While human error is still possible, it is far less likely using our shipping and order fulfillment software.

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