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Express 1 Discount Insurance

Play it Safe and Save Thousands with TrueShip ship software for Express 1!

Looking for a way to save money on every shipment? Express 1 Discount Insurance is now included in every download of ReadyShipper shipping software for Express 1.

Express 1 Discount Insurance is world-class shipping insurance. They provide coverage for shipments sent via the major shipping carriers at a greatly reduced rate. Activate Express 1 Discount Insurance today and see for yourself. It will dramatically lower your costs on all your insured packages.

Automatically apply Express 1 Discount Insurance as you batch process your orders, or use it only with those select shipments that really count. The choice is yours. You will save big on otherwise costly USPS insurance and have the flexibility to apply it to services like UPS Mail Innovations, where the shipments are not naturally insured.

If you like the idea of saving on your shipping insurance but need it for use with UPS or FedEx shipments, Express 1 Discount Insurance has you covered. Each of these carriers automatically cover your shipments for up to $100 of the shipment’s contents. This is included with the cost of shipping. When Express 1 Discount Insurance is active, it knows to pick up where the carriers left off and insure your packages for any amount over $100. It is automatic peace of mind.

How it works

Express 1 shipping software is pre-installed and ready to be activated.

Under ReadyShipper’s Modules menu, you will find Express 1 ship software menu. Select the “Settings” screen, and then click the Express 1 banner to get started. If you already have an Express 1 Discount Postage account, then you are signed up. All you need is ReadyShipper 6 (Express or Pro) to add your new discount insurance options.

Express 1 Discount Insurance is a full service shipping insurance agent offering industry-leading services:

  • First to offer an online management center for full electronic claims management and paperless online manifesting.
  • First to offer full reporting integration with Express 1 ship software solutions.
  • First to offer live internet chat as well as friendly, knowledgeable support available via telephone and email.
  • First to offer free package inserts that act as “Proof of Insurance” cards for your consignees.
  • Cover shipments that the shipping carriers cannot insure such as jewelry, precious metals, electronics, computer equipment, fine arts, collectibles and much more.
  • All claims are handled on a one-by-one basis and are processed rapidly. Express 1 Discount Insurance guides you through the entire process and keeps you up-to-date on the status of your claim
  • Express 1 Discount Insurance is underwritten by an A-rated underwriter.
  • Mac and PC Compatible.

Getting Started

Get started today with your new or existing Express 1 account and start saving on every shipment. It works seamlessly with your daily shipping routine to quickly and efficiently insure your packages. Learn more about TrueShip’s shipping software for Express 1 by Clicking Here.

Contact us today for more details on the benefits of TrueShip shipping software for Express 1 at: 877.818.SHIP (7447).

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