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Express 1

Incredible USPS Discounts for Everyone!

The new Express 1 shipping software module delivers incredible USPS postage discounts on virtually all of your Priority, Flat Rate and expedited shipments. This is a FREE Module. Ship as much as you want and pay only for your discounted postage!

Module Features

  • Full-featured USPS Priority, Flat Rate and expedited shipping.
  • FREE – Pay only for your discounted postage.
  • FREE Delivery Confirmation.
  • Includes Address Validation, Hidden Postage, Postage Purchase, Void and more.
  • Includes discount insurance for ALL major carriers.
  • Mac and PC Ready.

Our partnership with Express 1 provides every ReadyShipper user with the simplest and most effective way to save money on every USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express shipment, including the popular flat rate boxes and envelopes. It’s so easy. You sign up and start saving on with discount USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express shipments right away. There are no volume requirements or contracts to get these substantial discounts. Just a slew of shipping savings that your business can enjoy saving while you grow your customer base and increase your Return on Investment (ROI).

Express 1 is the first ever USPS reseller to offer cheap postage rates and discount shipping to one and all. Per their agreement, they can offer discount USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express at Commercial Plus Pricing. These special USPS discounts were previously only offered to the biggest shippers in the country with a long-term contract requiring very high volumes of USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express, until Express 1 brought their service to the masses. Now, any business can take advantage of the Express 1 USPS discount shipping options by signing up for our ReadyShipper shipping software. The Express 1 USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail postage discount is included in every download of ReadyShipper. Get signed up to start saving today!

How It Works

To get your cheap Priority mail rates, start by downloading ReadyShipper shipping software for Express 1 and activating your free trial. When ReadyShipper opens for the first time, you will be prompted to add your Shipper Accounts and Express 1 is one of the options available. Click on Express 1 and the link to create your account in the Express 1 pop-up window. Fill out the one-page sign-up form and you are ready to start saving on your discount USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. It’s really that easy. Express 1 does require a credit card (to create your account and fund your postage purchases), but there is absolutely no cost or any additional fees that are involved to create an Express 1 account.

Express 1 Module Video
  • Fast, accurate USPS label processing.
  • Works seamlessly with all supported eCommerce systems.
  • A premium USPS service for less. Watch your customer service score rise with faster deliveries.
  • With the Express 1 module for discount USPS shipping, there are no fuel surcharges, residential charges, delivery area charges, pickup fees, hidden fees or any other surcharges.
  • Never pay more for your success. The more you ship, the more you save.
  • Express 1 is a government partner supporting USPS Overnight and Priority 2–3 Day small package services.
  • Express 1 offers discounts on all popular USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes, Envelopes, and Regional Rate Boxes.
  • Join the more than 100,000 customers now saving with cheap postage rates offered by Express 1!

Experience the Cost Savings for Yourself

Wondering how much you stand to save on shipping when you use Express 1 discount shipping and ReadyShipper for all your outbound shipments with the USPS? Let’s say that you are looking for a great deal that can save you on the cost to ship USPS priority mail medium flat rate box. You could go to another provider and pay an average price of $11.30 for the package. Or you could use Express 1 (included with your ReadyShipper subscription) and pay the Commercial Plus pricing of just $10.65 for the exact same USPS Priority Mail service. As you can see, these savings and discount postage rates can really add up over the course of just one month to substantial dollars saved off your shipping cost. Imagine what you could save each year?

The Savings Are on the Screen!

There is no catch to using this postage discount, either. With the Express 1 module, you’ll save big-time on shipping. There is no commitment, minimums or monthly fees. If you don’t see great performance and significant savings you can stop at any time. Get the fastest USPS shipping on the cheap each and every time. Offer your customers faster delivery windows and more affordable shipping prices to increase sales, retain your existing customers better and attract new customers.

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