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The premier shipping solution for your CORESense System!

ReadyShipper was built for CORESense. Every download includes the ODBC features you need to seamlessly communicate with your CORESense System.

Module Features

  • Communicates directly with CORESense.
  • Supports all available shipping methods.
  • Imports your orders automatically or on demand.
  • Update all your shipping and tracking information to CORESense in one step.
  • Customizable order import settings.
  • Mac and PC Ready.

The CORESense shipping software module for ReadyShipper combines the CORESense all-in-one ecommerce enterprise management solution with the multi-carrier shipping capabilities of TrueShip. CORESense provides the only ecommerce and retail management solution that combines front-end selling and back office operations into one centrally managed platform.


CORESense, Inc. is a leading provider of all-in-one cloud-based ecommerce and retail software solutions for ecommerce and brick and mortar retailers and brand manufacturers. Successful retailers across multiple specialty retail markets including wine, footwear and accessories, sporting goods, fashion and apparel, books, electronics and others are leveraging CORESense’s products to streamline operations, connect with customers and grow sales across ecommerce and retail store channels. The CORESense solution wraps point of sale, store operations, multi-channel ecommerce, merchandising, order management, and customer relationship management software around a centralized product, customer and inventory database providing retailers with a real-time view of their customers and their business.

How It Works

TrueShip and CORESense are fully integrated enabling TrueShip to automatically pull in order information from CORESense, ship orders domestically or internationally and to export tracking information back to CORESense.

Once the module is in place, retailer can specify in the CORESense which shipping methods (e.g. ground, overnight, etc.) they want to be managed by TrueShip and the rest happens automatically. Orders designated as TrueShip are exported to TrueShip and once shipping is completed, TrueShip automatically updates CORESense with the shipping information, including the tracking number. CORESense then updates the COREsense Order with this information, marks the Order as shipped and sends out the shipping confirmation email, which includes the tracking information.

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