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Flat Rate Select

Flat Rate Select

Discounts at Your Fingertips

TrueShip introduces a new way to save on shipping with Flat Rate Select. It is the perfect option for any business shipping smaller items up to 20 pounds. If you sell on the web, this probably means you.

Regular USPS Priority Mail is great as long as your shipments are under 5 pounds or fit in a flat rate box. But if you use your own boxes or branded packaging, your rates get significantly higher as the shipping weight increases.

Rising shipping costs can be especially painful for small to mid-sized businesses trying to compete with internet giants, like Amazon, offering free shipping on so many items. With Flat Rate Select, your pricing is based on the size of the box, not the weight.

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Benefits for Your Business

Until now, this special pricing has only been available to businesses that ship more than 150,000 shipments per year and were willing to commit to big volume activity. TrueShip’s Flat Rate Select is the equalizer to big volume shippers and fancy contracts. There are no volume requirements or contracts needed to start using Flat Rate Select. These amazing discounts are available to everyone and included in every download of ReadyShipper 7.

Flat Rate Select is USPS Priority Mail for less. You get the same delivery times and high level of service that you have come to expect from the USPS. To get started, download your free ReadyShipper trial today.

Already a ReadyShipper 7 user? Simply enter your package dimensions into ReadyShipper for all new options with Flat Rate Select.

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