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Flat Rate Select

Flat Rate Select

Get the Cheapest Shipping Cost Every Time!

TrueShip brings you more ways to save on flat rate shipping with Flat Rate Select, an easy way to get the cheapest shipping cost. Built into each copy of ReadyShipper shipping software, you can take advantage of these lucrative USPS Priority Mail pricing options with instant savings every time!

Regular USPS Priority Mail is perfect, provided that what you are shipping is under the 5 pound weight limit, and provided that you are using the USPS boxes. But if you plan on using your own boxes and shipping heavier packages, the fees increase by a lot.

With shipping costs on the rise, Flat Rate Select helps you gain a competitive advantage. Your price is based upon the size of the box and not the weight. It’s ideal for all your smaller and heavy packages up to 20-pounds.

What’s more, you can use your own custom-branded boxes without having to pay an added fee. It’s the perfect way to ship with that professional look for a lot less, every single time!

* Must be a valid 5-digit US ZIP Code.

Take Advantage of Instant Savings

Up until just recently, you could only get these special discounts and the cheapest shipping cost if you were sending 50,000 or more items per year via USPS. With Flat Rate Select, there is no volume requirement. You can ship as much as you need or as little, and you will still get the same low price every single time.

Flat Rate Select is USPS Priority Mail for less. You will still be able to send your parcels via USPS Priority and Express Mail with the same convenient delivery speed and reliability, just for a lot less. It truly is the cheapest flat rate shipping you’ll find anywhere!

More easily predict your shipping price and reduce it to attract more sales at your online store. Send packages with a guaranteed 3-day delivery window to improve retention and customer satisfaction at your online store. Save on every package that you send, every single time that you send one out.

Use your own boxes and get special discounts on all the boxes and mailers that you need with TrueShip Supply. Add that finishing touch with custom boxes that don’t bear the USPS branding to really take your store to the next level.

Take advantage of the AMAZING and INSTANT discounts on USPS Priority Mail with Flat Rate Select today. But the only way you can tap into these awesome savings and get the cheapest shipping cost is by using ReadyShipper shipping software.

Wondering how much you could be saving? Check out the flat rate shipping calculator below and find out right away.

* Must be a valid 5-digit US ZIP Code.

Already a ReadyShipper 7 user? Simply enter your package dimensions into ReadyShipper for all new options with Flat Rate Select.

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