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Nine Powerful Ways to Increase Ecommerce Profits Over Father’s Day Weekend While Offering Cheap USPS Shipping

June 10th, 2014


Cheap USPS Shipping

According to reports that were issued by the National Retail Federation, Father’s Day is big business for the retail world. Shoppers are slated to drop a projected $12 billion this year. The average shopper will open their pockets deep, spending at least $115 on the holiday. Positioning your business to succeed during this shopping frenzy will encompass appeasing your customers and readying your order management software to prepare for a surge in online orders that you can expect to go out. Before you get started, make sure you take some notes and glean some stats from this blog. It could just make the difference in you enjoying a smashing success or a downward spiral with online sales.

The Bottom Line

The one thing that all ecommerce stores must face is the actual cost of doing business, namely the cost of shipping. Even if you have the option to offer cheap USPS shipping at your online store, shipping costs ultimately will dig into your bottom line. Newer studies are emerging about the cost of shipping when shopping at online stores, and they are all indicative of one thing: shoppers want low-cost or free shipping or they may not make a purchase from your online store.

How Costly Shipping Fees Dissuade Your Customers

The truth is that no ecommerce store owner is fond of having to charge shipping rates, but it’s just a matter of safeguarding your bottom line. On the other end of the spectrum is the shopper, who desires cheap or free shipping all of the time. A recent Compete study found that over 92% of online shoppers said that they desired cheap or low-cost shipping for online orders, and two-thirds stated that they’d buy from an ecommerce store more often if the returns policy offered free returns. Shipping prices affect your customer service rating, too, with the average customer service rating 10% depredated by shoppers who had to pay for shipping. Furthermore, over 65% of all shoppers polled said that they would try to find the same item at a local store just to avoid paying shipping costs, and about 67% said they’d opt for in-store shipping – which is free in most cases – to avoid paying shipping charges. (Read our blog about Combating Common Problems with Shipping to Increase Sales.)

Nine Powerful Methods of Boosting Online Sales Over Father’s Day Weekend

Certainly, you want to earmark profits at your online store this Father’s Day. To do so, there are a few tricks that you can use – aces up your sleeve – that can enable you to supercharge your ecommerce platform and optimize it for increased sales. Use these nine powerful methods to pull this off just in time for dad’s day out.

One: Go All-American

Get patriotic about Father’s Day this year. June 14th marks Flag Day and just a few weeks later the nation celebrates Independence Day. The stars and stripes theme will never wane in America. Opt for merchandise that ebulliently features the red, white and blue of the American flag. Think blue jeans, red shirts, white hats, that sort of thing. Create catchy ads that offer deals to attract shoppers, like cheap USPS shipping rates, to lure in the 93% of buyers who want low-cost or free shipping over this holiday.

Two: Go Deeper with Your Marketing Angle

The one thing that you can be assured of is that dads also have dads, there are step-dads, kids of dads, new dads, granddads and plenty of others that you can also market to. Be sure to include these scads in your marketing plan. Try to broaden the appeal of your ecommerce store and make sure that your order management software is capable of handling the influx in orders that you can anticipate during this busy season.

Three: Be Mindful of Trending Keywords

You want to conduct a bit of keyword due diligence before you decide which product sets that you will want to push the most, like the products that you would feature on your home page for first-time site visitors. Use free online keyword analysis tools to find out what keywords are trending right now. Google Trends is a great place to start. You can search for keywords that relate to your demographic and update and tag your products accordingly to attract more buyers through both organic searches and from searches that take place on your nested search bar. Make sure to consider using other search tools like Google Insights and Ad Words, too. (Read our blog about Growth Hacking Your Ecommerce Store for success).

Four: Lists Sells Merchandise

Creating online lists will help you make increase overall sales at your ecommerce store. Consider creating a list that entails the top-10 best-selling Father’s Day gifts. Also, piggyback that list with a special sale that you offer on those products, and perhaps consider discounting the shipping by offering cheap USPS shipping or a reduced rate to attract even more buyers.

Five: Offer Bundled Gifts

Shoppers will jump for a great bargain. People just love bundled gifts and baskets. Appeal to the consumer desire for both by offering as many as you can at the greatest possible value. Make sure that you update your order management software in the process to assure that there no preventable order errors that prospectively arise from your product bundling methods and this nifty marketing approach.

Six: Send Out a Newsletter

Other online stores do this all of the time, and that’s because it really does work. Send out a catchy newsletter with a simple yet punchy subject line. Something like, “It’s Not Too Late to Shop for Dad – One-Day Shipping Guarantees Delivery,” can go a long way in attracting more last-minute shoppers to your online offerings.

Seven: Host a Father’s Day Contest

Consumers love contests. If you offer a valuable prize that can be won, they love them that much more. Consider hosting such a contest with a very valuable prize. Use your social channels to spread the word. Sites like Wishpond make it easy to host online contests. Doing so can mandate that whomever gets the most Facebook likes, for example, wins the contest and the prize (or tweets or what-have-you).

Eight: Make Sure Your Store is Mobile

Mobile shopping is big business. Facebook does billions per year off mobile users and according to an Experian Simmons report, over 33 million consumers in the U.S. use their mobile phone to do some form of online shopping. Make sure your ecommerce store is optimize for mobile browsing so you don’t alienate this important and growing consumer demographic.

Nine: Supercharge Your Store for Online Sales

Run a checklist on the things that your online store should be doing to attract more customers. Does it load fast or do some pages take too long? Do you offer a nested search bar and easy to find products? Are your call-to-action buttons large and colorful? Do you offer cheap USPS shipping with a two or three day delivery window? Is it easy for customers to make online returns? Is your contact info clearly listed? Is your checkout process short, simple and easy? (Read our blog about Turbo-Boosting Your Ecommerce Store to learn more about how you can optimize your ecommerce store.)

Hopefully these ecommerce tips can serve to help you increase sales at your online store over Father’s Day, and well into the future. By thinking outside of the box a bit, you can use creative ideas like these to brainstorm your way to increased sales volumes. Please share your thoughts or ecommerce tips you’ve learned with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear your feedback. And don’t forget that you can save a ton of money when using TrueShip’s signature Flat Rate Express Cheap USPS Shipping Module to ship your packages faster and more affordably to your customers this year.

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