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UPS Shipping Software For Your Business

June 14th, 2012


ReadyShipper shipping software provides UPS shippers one of the most user-friendly and powerful shipping solutions available today.   It’s quick and easy to download the software and sign up for a 14 day free trial with your existing UPS account number.  There is no credit card required to try the software.

Once you’ve registered your UPS account, ReadyShipper shipping software makes it easy to import all your daily orders from your various sales channels.  The growing list of ReadyModules means ReadyShipper can connect directly to your eBay, Amazon, Yahoo!, Volusion, PayPal, 3dCart, Network Solutions, OrderMotion, Shopify, Monsoon Stone Edge Order Manager, Atandra T-Hub, Magento storefront and many others in a few simple steps.  ReadyShipper is a flexible system that supports CSV, XML, FTP, and ODBC import as well.  These options mean that ReadyShipper gives you one platform to manage the UPS shipping for all your online sales channels and it is flexible enough to grow with your business.  And since ReadyShipper is the only client-based shipping software that currently supports both Mac and PC, you can continue to use the computer of your choice for all your UPS domestic and international shipping.

There are a host of features that simplify the pick and pack process for UPS shipping in ReadyShipper.  The clean, spreadsheet-style format of the main shipping screen in ReadyShipper can be customized to include the categories that best fit your work flow.  This list includes the order number, shipping address or country, carrier, shipping method, and product descriptions.  The Auto Importer allows ReadyShipper to check your eBay, Amazon, Yahoo! store, and shopping cart automatically on your desired schedule.  The Ship Type converter allows you to quickly set up basic rules for your default shipping methods.  All your UPS shipments will be listed clearly in your preferred order ready for shipping with the right UPS shipping method.  Before shipping, you can quickly check the UPS shipping rate and estimated delivery time.  There are reports to create one list of all your ready-to-ship orders, including the shipping method, individual items and the number of boxes needed for each shipment.  ReadyShipper shipping software even gives all UPS shippers the option to create a professional all in one invoice and shipping label on one 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.  Our exclusive ReadyLabels instantly add efficiency and accuracy to the shipping process.

ReadyShipper shipping software helps automate many of the common post shipping tasks too.  The Auto Emailer automatically notifies the customer of all their shipping and tracking information with a fully customizable email template.  You also have the option to use Quantum View Notify for all UPS shipments if you prefer.  ReadyShipper updates tracking and shipping information to most of the direct integrations, like eBay, Amazon, Volusion, OrderMotion, 3dCart, and Monsoon Stone Edge, with just one click.  This means that you never have to copy and paste tracking numbers back to individual orders again.  It’s even easy to integrate your QuickBooks accounting software into your ecommerce business.  With just one more click at the end of the day, all your shipments can be written into QuickBooks as complete invoices directly from ReadyShipper.

ReadyShipper shipping software even offers one of the leading WorldShip integrations for batch UPS shipping.  The WorldShip module allows ReadyShipper to work in tandem with WorldShip to create your UPS shipping labels.  This allows UPS shippers the flexibility to use ReadyShipper’s automation tools with those features only currently available in WorldShip.

ReadyShipper shipping software is designed to offer the complete UPS shipping solution for your business.  Download your free trial and get started today on our homepage by clicking on Try It Free.  Contact us at 877-818-7447 or with any questions.

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